Fantastic features of using r4i cards

R4 card is also known as revolution for DS because it is the revolutionary and modern applications. The newest version of the r4 cards is also called as the r4i cards and it is having distinct and unique connectivity with the DSi and Nintendo DS. It is the high performance card and it is the perfect card for downloading homebrew games. Basically r4i cards are utilizing the micro SD card which is really helpful for fill up 3DS and shop the files. It is simple to use and it will not require maintenance. Most of the sites are offering r4i cards at their official site but all are not completely safe to use. It is the best revolutionary cards for the game lovers so try to choose the best one from authorized site.

How to choose the best r4i cards

There are numerous numbers of sites are offering r4i cards at their official site but people have to carefully choose the best one. Before buying the best card you have to know about features of card which is really helpful for choosing the best card. In case you are buying traditional cards then you can’t able to play more games. So try to choose the advanced cards so that people can get numerous numbers of benefits. It is also designed with the simple technology so that anyone can operate this card instantly. Just connect it to your device and convert the files which you are looking for the exact format files. If you are choosing the best and perfect r4i cards then you can get numerous numbers of benefits. Many of the sites are providing high quality cards so players can thoroughly enjoy the game. While choosing the best cards you have to consider some factor such as features, quality and price. Price is always depending on the features of the cards so try to buy high quality of cards.

Brief information about the r4i cards

Now a day there is a zero hatter for game because it is really helpful to relax yourself and it is comes with the reasonable price. When it comes to the advantages of choosing this card that is completely safe to use. It is really helpful for providing extra memory space for your gaming console. These kinds of cards are supporting all kind of console so players can play any kind of game. In case your card is consisting of too many games which are occupy all memory space then erase some kind of games. People can also buy the newest one for storing all game and it is the smartest way for playing all games. While buying this card you can also consult with your friends and relatives so that you can get some idea about cards. So try to choose the best card which is really helpful for playing games. It is also helpful to convert the DS and DSi files into video and media files. If you are choosing the best r4i cards then people can get plenty of benefits.

SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Vehicle mobile phone signal boosters have become prominent in recent years. A lot of people have bought one for themselves because it is very effective and it is also very easy to install.

In the early days of the vehicle mobile phone signal boosters, most people shy away from them because of the type of signal booster available during that time.

You see, vehicle mobile phone signal boosters in the early days were cradle-type, which means that in order to enjoy amplified signals, you need to put your mobile phone inside the cradle.

Although this doesn’t pose a big problem for some, most users do not want to put their phones in the cradle because it is cumbersome and because they will not be able to use the phone’s other capabilities when the phone is in the cradle.

That is not the case anymore with today’s vehicle mobile phone signal boosters. So today, I want to talk about the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

The SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster is Surecall’s new mobile phone signal booster in the market and it helps address the common problems most people face when going to different places using their cars and other vehicles.

If you haven’t gotten the idea, most people suffer from poor mobile phone signal reception when they are in areas that have limited to no signal available from their mobile phone service providers.

Anyway, the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster has a powerful 50dB signal amplifier. Now, back in the day, the higher the gain, the better the signal amplification.

But, that is not the case anymore as the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster has a better signal amplifier. Even though on paper, it is not as high as 75dB of gain, it uses a new technology that boasts of better signal amplification despite the lower dB stat on paper.

But I think the best-selling feature of the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the fact that it rebroadcasts signals to your car; much like the home mobile phone signal boosters.

As previously mentioned, vehicle mobile phone signal boosters before require your phone to be nested in a cradle to enjoy boosted signals.

The SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster, however, rebroadcasts the amplified signals in your vehicle and up to 4 concurrent users can benefit from the boosted signals.

Furthermore, since you will be traveling a lot when using your vehicle, the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure that the mobile phone signal booster is durable.

This mobile phone signal booster can withstand any punishment; may it be from the elements or from bumps.

And lastly, the SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with SureCall’s Stealth Technology which doesn’t require any more configurations from the user.

Just install this mobile phone signal booster and you do not have to worry about the settings. It is literally a set-it-and-forget-it mobile phone signal booster.

The SureCall Fusion2Go Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a great new addition to the SureCall family of mobile phone signal boosters.

R4i Silver Common Issues FAQ

R4 3DS cards have been carefully crafted to give you increased functionalities for your Nintendo 3DS.

But, as with all other products, there are some issues that users face. In this article, I will talk about the common issues of the R4i Silver Lite R4 3DS card.

This is one of the most bang-for-the-buck R4 3DS cards out on the market today and although it sells like pancakes, there are still some people who are experiencing some issues

Luckily, these issues can easily be corrected and rectified. So, without further ado, here are the R4i Silver Lite R4 3DS card’s common issues and how to fix them:

  1. Cannot Save Games or Use the “Save State” Feature. This problem usually occurs if you haven’t formatted your microSD card beforehand. To format your microSD card, plug it in the adapter and plug it into your computer. Once your computer recognizes the microSD card, right-click on it and select “Format”. From the drop-down menu, choose FAT32 and press the format button. Wait until it is finished and you’re good to go. Your games should be saved now and you can now use the save state feature.
  2. Changing The R4 3DS Card’s Language. Let’s face it, people who buy R4 3DS cards might not have English as their main language. In order for you to change the language of the R4 3DS card’s interface, just press the “X” button on the third option from the top of the screen. Then, change it to your preferred language.
  3. Games Do Not Start Up. This problem usually stems from an outdated Kernel. In order for you to play games normally, you would have to download a firmware update from the R4i Silver Lite’s website.
  4. How To Flash Kernel Update. Most people who use R4 3DS cards are not tech savvy enough to want to deal with upgrading the firmware. It is actually quite simple, although, before doing this, you have to make sure that your Nintendo 3DS is fully charged. First, head to the R4i Silver’s website and download the latest firmware/kernel update. Next, extract the contents of the downloaded file and put it into the root folder of your microSD. Plug your microSD card into your R4 3DS card and put it into the Nintendo 3DS. Next, an indication will tell you that there is a new kernel file available and if you wish to update it, just press YES. Wait for it to finish flashing the new update and you’re good to go.
  5. How to Change the Interface? The R4i Silver Lite is one of the R4 3DS cards that allows you to change its interface. The good thing is that the manufacturer has preset interfaces that you can download and install on your Nintendo 3DS. All you have to do is download the files from their website and install it via the homebrew launcher application. Just follow on-screen instructions.

These are the most common issues of the R4i Silver Lite R4 3DS card and how you can fix them. Hopefully, this article has covered enough ground and I hope that you will enjoy your R4 3DS card!

Resident Evil 5 Remastered Edition is Now Available

The iconic game console horror franchise, Resident Evil 5, now has a remastered edition and it is now available for download on the Xbox Store and the Sony Playstation Store.

Fans of the iconic horror game can now enjoy crisper graphics as well as a new difficulty level that will surely test your mettle in the horror-survival game genre.

The thing about the Resident Evil 5 remastered edition is that it also comes with all of the two DLC packs. These two DLC packs explains certain events found in the original game.

As previously mentioned, the Resident Evil 5 Remastered edition comes with a new difficulty setting called the “No Mercy” mode. In this mode, the number of zombies you need to kill has been increased dramatically from the normal difficulty.

The new difficulty setting is made possible thanks to the powerful hardware baked into the new game consoles (Xbox One and the Playstation 4).

The Mercenaries mode has also been revamped. The new name of this mode is the “Mercenaries United” and it is just the same as the old Mercenaries mode; the major difference being that everything is already unlocked.

This means that you do not have to undergo that painstaking process of getting everything back again, therefore, you can enjoy what this game has to offer right off the bat.

The Resident Evil 5 Remastered edition probably bodes better than the remastered Resident Evil 6. With the new difficulty, crispier graphics, and a revamped Mercenaries mode, I think the new edition is looking pretty good.

For those of you who do not know but are interested to know about the game, the game follows Chris Redfield. The story of the game starts after the events of Resident Evil 4.

Chris and his new partner, Sheva Alomar, are tasked to go to Kijuju, Africa to apprehend Ricardo Irving.

It seems that Ricardo has a bio-organic weapon and he is about to sell it to some terrorists for some huge sums of money.

Apparently, some of the African natives were already infected with a parasite that turns them into zombies.

During a confrontation with Irving, he left clues that Jill might still be alive. Jill was one of the main characters in Resident Evil 3.

After the confrontation, Chris didn’t report back to his home base and instead, went and investigate whether Jill is really alive or not.

The Resident Evil 5 Remastered edition looks promising. From a graphical standpoint, I would say that the game is beautifully remastered.

It truly makes use of the current game consoles hardware prowess really well. Thanks to Sony Playstation 4 and the Xbox One’s hardware capabilities, the “No Mercy” mode sure is gratifying for people who want to shoot as many zombies as possible.

The Resident Evil 5 Remastered edition is now available on the Playstation store and the Xbox One store. Players who want the physical copy of the game might have to wait a little longer as they will be released on the 12th of July.